Thursday, 7 October 2010

CGI experimenting

For the last ten years I along with billions of other people I have found myself going to the cinema to watch the latest CGI feature length piece, at first wowing at the advances in animation but soon like many others, taking for granted, you may say, how far animation has come. So given the opportunity to have a go at some CGI at uni I got over excited with the prospect of creating some funky little characters, one with a crazy moustache maybe, another with goofy teeth and bad skin, and I dunno... they could have a pea fight or something, but actually sat infront of the computor with MAYA software open, despite considering myself reasonably computor savvy, I soon realised it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped!
That aside my simple bouncing ball and irratic cube sequence which lasted all of 10 seconds long, yet took 2 days to complete, render and manage to save successfully, is something I enjoyed doing and gave me a new found appriciation for how long a CGI piece can take to do

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