Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dying For Stop Motion

For my final piece last year I made a stopmotion sequence after researching into afterlife theories. Using ready made wooden models developed into their own characters with clay, plastacine, fymo and fabric clothes. I thought using ready made models would make life easier and less time consuming (cheating, yes!) but actually they were a nightmare to balance and move into positions I required.
By the end of the piece, the clothes were in tatters and the poor main character had been dropped on his head so many times his scalp practically had a life of its own.
I enjoyed doing it, however the lighting and timing is off, and I like watching back over it to spot the bloopers (notice the green tear drops when I mislaid my blue plastacine, and strands of the main characters wig dotted all over the set...)
Still something I am proud of, for all the slave labour put into the making off and the hours sweaty days spent in the animation booth, faux pas aside there is just something about stop motion that I have a bit of a love for.

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